Animal Figures

Educational and collectable figurines. We have all types of Animal figures from Sharks and Whales to Lions and Zebras which would be a great way to help children learn about animals. Also our models are very creative and would suit any animal collection.

  • Farm Animals
    A great variety of animals for a child to let their imagination run wild and re-create a scene with all types of farm yard favourites such as Horses, Cows, Chickens and even Stables.
  • Marine Animals
    Here we have all of your favourites from under the sea. Whether you like cute and friendly animals such as Dolphins and Turtles or you like something a bit more scary like Sharks or Whales we have them all in this section.
  • Zoo Animals
    In this section we have a great selection of protected animals, choose from all our favourites like the Lion, Elephant and even the Giant Giraffe. Some of the most dangerous animals in the world can be found here.
  • Wild Animals
    This category allows you to get close to the animals you might not get a chance to normally. We have the Common Fox, Reindeer and now we also have the Meer cat.
  • Prehistoric Animals
    If Dinosaurs are your thing then here we have a great selection of all prehistoric animals from carnivores like The T-Rex and Velociraptor to the friendlier Herbivores like the Stegosaurus. Also available are the flying Dinosaurs such as the Pterodactyl.