Action Hero Figurines

The most popular category with some amazing figurines from some of the best films ever made. If being a Superhero was your dream we have a great selection from all of the Batman, Superman and Spiderman films along with others. We also have products available from Classics such as Ghostbusters, James Bond and Austin Powers. Whichever is your favourite film we will be sure to have something to suit you.

  • Batman
    Here’s a chance to re-live some of the greatest Batman movies ever made. You can now have your very own miniature figurines of some classic characters like Batman, The Joker, The Penguin and Cat Woman. Be the next Bruce Wayne and start your own campaign.
  • Spiderman
    Take a look at our selection of this all time great. Here we have Peter Parker and his secret Identity Spiderman along with some of the other unforgettable ‘Badies’ like The Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus.
  • Superman
    We are pleased to be able to offer a great selection of Superman figurines in this section. Here you will find Clark Kent and Lois Lane as well as some of the evil characters such as Lex Luthor.
  • The Incredible Hulk
    If the big green monster was one of your favourite characters then this section is for you. Figurines of the Hulk, Bruce Banner and Betty Ross are available for you to add to your collection.
  • Captain America
    We have a number of Captain America figurines available in a number of different poses and statures. If this patriotic superhero is one of your all time favourites then browse through our selection to find something suitable for your collection.
  • Wonder Woman
    For all of those who love the warrior princess Wonder Woman we have a great selection of figurines available for you to choose from.